Interim Management

Interim management provides skills and resources to an organisation that does not have either the necessity or the financial capability to employ someone full time. Interim Management is increasingly becoming an important part of recruitment and resource management.

Interim managers bring knowledge and expertise to an organisation in an efficient and professional manner, allowing organisations to to manage the costs tightly. In addition to this, there is a high degree of flexibility that comes with the role. If you don't have the time to employ someone new, and you do not have a suitable internal candidate, then our Interim Management solution is there to fill that gap. You may find that you just have a skills gap that you need to cover for a short period of time whilst you go about recruiting the right person.

These are just a few of the reasons for employing an Interim Manager. Using Kynaston you get an individual who can add value to your company in a very short period of time. Your risk will be minimised as you don't have the stresses and strains of a permanent employee. The service can be provided within an incredibly short time frame, as little as 5 days from initial contact. You have complete control of your costs and there are no hidden extras. There is no commitment beyond the agreed time scale.

What should you expect from Kynaston?

Once you have made initial contact with us, one of our highly skilled associates will get in contact with you to get a more detailed understanding of what you require. Following on from, this you will be provided with a short proposal on how we would undertake your assignment and a detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

Once you have agreed to this, a contract will be sent out with the agreed start date. On an agreed basis you will receive  an update report on the progress of the job, in line with agreed milestones.

Finally, upon completion of the agreed time period, you will be provided with a full report.

What should you do next?

Get in contact! An initial phone call to us will cost you nothing!

Call us on +44 (0) 208 767 4495 or email us. Kynaston looks forward to working with your organisation soon.


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