Finance and Funding

There are two aspects to the financial management of any organisation: the ongoing expsposure of the organisation and the requirement for capital funding. It is vital that all organisations, no matter how large or small, are able cover their day to day operating costs. However to change and progress it is often necessary to raise significant sums of money.

At Kynaston we have a wealth of experience in managing day-to-day operational expenditure and reviewing the minutia of accounts to ensure that there are no looming financial issues. In addition to this, whilst not a source of funding themselves, Kynaston have a large contact base within the world of capital investment. Whether you are looking for a grant, from the EU, government, a charity or just your local bank, there are Associates that can help you with the process of raising this money. Additionally, in certain circumstances, our Associates are happy to broker a deal with private investors.


To find out more get in contact:

Kynaston Associates


t: 020 8123 0320

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